We went to see Superman Returns last night. The first two minutes were great, the rest was fine as well. We would have seen it earlier but we had other priorities on nights when we had a babysitter.

On the way home we noticed people in the middle of the street and realized there had been an accident and that emergency workers hadn’t arrived yet. My wife is a doctor so I put on my hazard lights and drove up as close as I could. She jumped out and I found a place to park the car.

When I got there I noticed a minivan about halfway through the intersection. It looked like a deer had gone through the window. Unfortunately what had gone through the window was the guy lying in the crosswalk. It was not a pretty scene and there was lots of blood all over him though he didn’t seem to be bleeding from anywhere in particular. He was conscious and answering my wife’s questions. He claimed to understand that he shouldn’t move but kept trying to. Once the questions were done and it was established that all we could do was wait for the paramedics we talked to him to try to calm him down. He told us his name and repeated that he was very worried about his legs. Realizing that there was very little I could do I asked if he was LDS. He said he wasn’t. I explained that I could give him a blessing if he wanted. “No, I’m an atheist.” I replied that I respected that. I took a moment and stepped back and said a silent prayer for him, hoping that he wouldn’t notice and that I wasn’t violating the spirit of his wish.

Once the paramedics arrived and my wife told them the pertinent information we were no longer useful so we left. I reflected on what I would do if I had just been hit by a car, thrown from one side of a large intersection to the other, and was bleeding in the street. I think that I would have accepted a blessing from just about anyone. Even Tom Cruise. But I also have admiration for this man, who at a critical moment in his life, was true to his own beliefs.