I always pick up the Deseret News and SLC Tribune when I go in Wal-Mart, maybe twice a month. I turn first to Kirby’s column–he said something really funny today: (speaking of waiting for a baby to be born) “it’s so boring I would actually rather be in church.” I don’t feel that way about too many things. But that’s another post.

I enjoy the Deseret News also. But this afternoon, as I was perusing both papers, I noticed something interesting.

This is the headline on the front page of the Deseret News: “U.S. Presents Timeline for Iraq.” Big letters, top of the page.

The Tribune carried the same story on its front page, but it was down on the bottom, in smaller print. The title read: “A Timeline? Iraq plan met with skepticism.”

They both are talking about the same event, but obviously each paper has a different take on said event.

Obviously each paper has an opinion. Obviously they differ. What the heck happened to journalistic objectivity?

If I don’t totally forget the second I get off my computer, I’m going to check out each papers’ take on the Romney situation. And I’ll report back.