I recently published an article in Dialogue relating to minorities in the Church (see Dialogue Winter, 2005 www.dialoguejournal.com). In this article I used a couple of methods (see article) to calculate the % of members who are of ethnic European ancestry vs those who are not of this ancestry (e.g., Asian, Latin, and/or African ancestry). This analysis demonstrated that at the end of 2002, Ethnic Europeans comprised approximately 51% of total Church membership. This had declined from approximately 58% of total Church members at the end of 1992. This is hardly surprising to active members of the Church who follow Church statistics as it is clear that the vast majority of new converts tend to come from developing areas of the world such as Latin American, Western Africa, and Asia. I then determined that the percent of Members of Ethnic European descent fell below 50% in late 2003/early 2004 which is truly a milestone for the Church. While this is the good news, I was disappointed when I did a similar analysis of the General Authorities of the Church (only those in the First Two Quorums of the Seventy, The Presiding Bishopric, The Quorum of the Twelve, and First Presidency) to assess what percentage of the leadership is of Ethnic European ancestry looking at 1992 vs 2002 (note the only ethnic minorities were in the first two Quorums of Seventy in either year). Within the First and Second Quorums of the Seventy, there were 14 ethnic minorities in 1992 and 8 in 2002 for a total of 13.6% and 7.4% of the total General Authorities, respectively. This means that in the last ten years the number of ethnic minorities serving as General Authorities has declined by nearly half, while the total number of General Authorities has actually increased by 5.Thus, while the total number of ethnic minorities in the Church surpassed 50% in 2003/2004, the number of ethnic minorities serving in the General Authority ranks has actually declined by half over the last 10 years. Is this a problem? Does it matter? I have my own thoughts on this but wanted to tee it up for discussion….