As I sat in Relief Society today I noticed someone new. She was wearing a beautiful blue sari with gold embroidery on the edge and some of the dangly, jingly Indian jewelry; there were flowers in her hair and a bindi on her forhead. I was intrigued that someone like her would be at our church. I asked my neighbor who the visitor was.

“Oh, that’s Maggie,” she said. “She’s getting baptized today.”

Uh, yeah. So, not a visitor then. (In my defence, I’ve been in Primary since last December and probably wouldn’t have known if we’d had an alien investigating.) I heard later that she’s had a lot of family opposition and I can believe it. Other Christians get enough grief from their families when they convert; I can only image how non-Christian families feel.

How do you introduce the gospel to a non-Christian anyway? My upstairs neighbor is a friend of mine from Japan; there are times when I wish I could tell her but even if she were interested, how would I begin?

Other Christians already understand things like “resurrection.” They know what is meant by “the blood of the Lamb.” Our language and our cultures share many of the same symbols and thus, the same resonances.

Maggie’s journey to baptism began when she and her mother came in on the wrong day for English lessons. Clearly, something spoke to her despite the “language” barrier. I wonder what it was and what it was like for her.