Joseph Smith taught that he wanted to teach the Saints correct principles and then let them govern themselves. The internet and blogging seems to offer an arena that is especially resistant to official control. Also, to this point in time, I don’t feel the Church leadership has made any effort to curtail or control LDS blogging. So, blogging offers an opportunity to put Joseph Smith’s idea about correct teaching and self-imposed limitations to the test.

To say this more straightforwardly, if there are unique LDS blogging standards of any kind, they are self-imposed and they should have emerged on their own. Since the blogosphere is a public space, these LDS blogging standards (assuming they exist) should be observable.

The title of this post may be deceptive. It sounds like a statement. Really I want to ask three related questions.

1) Are there unique LDS blogging standards?

2) If yes, what are they?

3) If not, should there be?