I had an interesting conversation with a friend at Church. He was planning on paying tithing this year and was wondering if he could split his tithing between the tithing fund, humanitarian fund and the perpetual education fund – 3.3% into each fund. He said that as long as it was a tithe (10%) and paid to the Church, that is all that is asked. He said that he obviously would pay fast offering separately as that is specified as a separate donation in the scriptures. I was a little perplexed and checked the handbook of instructions and the scriptures and, technically, I guess he is right. It only states that one should pay 10% of increase as tithing. It does not say it has to go into the tithing fund. So if he pays his 10% to these different funds, is he a full tithe payer?  We had another member of our ward who wanted to pay his 10% to the charity of his choice. In this case, while it is noble to give 10% to any cause, it does state that it should be given to God, so donating 10% to the Red Cross does not count. Thoughts?