I’m reading a wonderful book, found serendipitously in the back shelves of the library, called Provinces of Night, by William Gay.  It’s one of those books you don’t want to end.

I read this last night and thought it was funny and worth sharing, just a little nugget from this remarkable book:

“I was layin up there in Hot Springs takin the waters when I got a telegram about that boy. He’d gone plumb off the deep end. He’d started to tryin to keep my cattle from breedin. Called it fornicatin. He couldn’t stop it so he started marryin em. Performin these ceremonies on em, reading out of the Bible. He was pairin off a bull and a cow but there was more cows than there was bulls and what was worse he couldn’t keep em lined up the way he’d married on. They kept committin what he called adultery with cows they wasn’t married to and he couldn’t manage em. It was wearin him out. He was slippin around at night watchin em. When he couldn’t stand it no more he got a gun and shot four of my best bulls. He was tryin to drag a little Texas bull I had off a cow with his bare hands and the bull just figured I reckon he’d by God had enough and come off that cow and gored him. He’s layin up there in Vanderbilt opened up stem to stem and them doctors don’t hold out much hope for him. He’d have to improve some to be a vegetable, what they tell me.”

Good book, you guys.  :)