My wife and I both work full-time which means that our one-year-old goes to daycare at least 3 days a week (we each work from home one day a week). As is typical of daycare, he often comes home sick — particularly in the winter. As the daycare provider tries to limit sick kids from spreading illness, sometimes we have to keep him home. That means one of us has to stay home with him. The challenge occurs when we each have so much going on at work that we cannot stay with him. However, we have usually managed to have the person with the least amount going on at work stay home with him. Two weeks ago we hit a point where I had to travel for a work meeting that I could not cancel and had to be there and my wife was being trained in a new position at her job. Therefore, it was really challenging for either of us to stay home that day even though he was clearly sick. What were we to do? First came the parental guilt. We both felt horrible and very torn between going to work and staying home with him. The typical family quotations of “no success can compensate for failure in the home” and “the greatest work you will do will be within the walls of your home” came into my mind and did nothing but make me feel guilty. An older woman from our ward offered to stay with him for the day. Everything worked out ok, but I felt terribly guilty as I took the plane to the meeting and flew home again in the afternoon. I felt like a terrible parent for letting someone else “raise” my child. How do we reconcile these feelings? Should I or my wife have stayed home with him? Am I just a naive new parent or are these feelings typical of the ones parents have through the years — weighing doing something with the kids vs going hometeaching, going on to your kids soccer game vs an important work meeting.