To VT or not to VT; that is the question.

Without going into the gorey details, I have been really struggling lately. Only recently have I admitted to myself that I am depressed by these burdens I’ve been carrying. Ever since General Conference I’ve felt as though I’ve been bleeding faith; I have been drowning in this mess to the point that I feel as though I am clinging to the last little branch of faith that I have left and it is all that is keeping me from being swept away.

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More Strange Fiction from DKL

Some of you may be familiar with the three short stories that I published as Miranda Park Jones at Banner of Heaven.

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Looking for the Temple in the Book of Mormon (1 of 6)

I would like to try something here that will be similar to my Where the Wild Things Are post, but in a much more serious mindset. Also, I’d like it to be interactive, which means I’d like your help, if you’d be so kind.

While reading By the Hand of Mormon a few years ago I took special note of pages 123 and 124 in which research around King Benjamin’s address is mentioned. Being somewhat ignorant of anything about this address other than the text itself I was intrigued to see how much research had gone into it, and how it mirrored many ancient ceremonies.

I then decided to start looking for similarities between the first six chapters of Mosiah and our modern temple ordinances. I was surprised by the abundance of references. Showing them to others I found that they found things that I had missed. Read more »

Elder Erkle, I’m going to beat the **** out of you!

I have a sweet and kind friend who struggled in life much as I did, leaving him with a somewhat lowered self image.  He’s turned that around in a magnificent fashion, giving back to society in a quiet and Christ-like manner.  You wouldn’t believe the things he’s accomplished for our community, and you’ll never know, because he’s threatened me with my life if I spilled those beans.  (that actually happens a lot to me).

 Yesterday I was asking him how he turned his life around, how he achieved the peace and faith that emanates from his countenance.  His reply was that there were turning points in his life, and he shared one with me. Read more »

Why the Book of Mormon?

Here’s a quick question.

Is the Book of Mormon necessary? What is its purpose? What would Mormonism have been if the Joseph Smith story skipped from the First Vision to the restoration of the priesthood? If you think about it, the Book of Mormon portion of the story of Restoration seems at first glance a rather odd sidetrack from the business of organizing a new church. Read more »

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