I have a relative who has had a significant amount of plastic surgery — from breast implants to botox to a facelift and a butt lift (whatever that is). I was having a conversation with this person about President Hinckley’s talk about women only having one pair of earrings. She thought that was the best advice she had heard and would never wear two pairs of earrings again — she had in the past. I then asked her what was wrong with two pairs of earrings — the answer being that it disfigures the body and if our body is a Temple we should not disfigure it (I don’t understand how one pair does NOT disfigure the body though, so if you can have one, who cares about two — except for the fact the Prophet mentioned it…).

I then asked if Elective Plastic Surgery (noting that many people require it for fixing trauma, genetic defects, etc. which is perfectly fine) would fall into this category of disfiguring your body (Temple). She was shocked and said of course not, as it was enhancing her body and improving its beauty much like a remodeling of a Temple that happens periodically when they get a bit old and worn out and, in addition, the Prophet had never said anything bad about elective cosmetic surgery. It was a fascinating and humorous response.

Given all of this, I don’t see why we don’t see piercings, tattoos (although she does not have any) and elective cosmetic surgery as different ways of disfiguring our bodies (Temple) — so if one is out then all should be. So are piercings, tattoos and elective cosmetic surgery in the same bucket even though the Prophet only mentioned earrings?

Full Disclosure Note: I don’t have any of the above, and the only one I might consider is a tattoo, but never breast implants…