I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon and am almost finished with it. As I’ve been reading, something has niggled at the edge of my brain. I’ll try to articulate it enough to be understandable.

First, and related, Bill and I went to see Apocalypto Saturday night.  I enjoyed it.  I didn’t think it was all that controversial.  It was bloody, but not nearly as much as hyped.  It was sort of a typical “good man saves family” drama, actually.

The main reason I agreed to go see it was to see if there were any similarities to the Book of Mormon stories and it certainly did seem to echo what I’d been reading.

What has troubled me — no, not troubled — I can’t think the right word. Curious is a better word.  How can I put this?

The people of Israel in Jesus’ time, after his death, did not deteriorate into live sacrifices and war, killing each other off in barbaric fashion.  Christianity progressed, albeit not smoothly. Still. They progressed.

What was different in the lives of the Lamanites that after they’d seen Christ, en masse, perform miracles, after they’d been converted, by the thousands, that they dwindled totally into unbelief and paganism?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Those people in the Americas actually had more visible proof of Jesus’ divinity than the people in the Holy Land, yet they eventually lost their faith, while the others grew in faith. Why?