One thing I have thought a lot about over the recent holidays was stimulated by a discussion I heard on NPR regarding a new movie on the Nativity ( that has been released.  One of the callers asked if Mary had a choice in the whole matter.  This really caused me to think.  If God or an angel comes down and tells you that you are going to be the Mother of the Savior of the World, do you or can you say No?  I really don’t think so given the circumstances.  Therefore, it is hard to see how she had a choice (not unlike someone who is called to be a General Authority or General Auxiliary Leader – has anyone really ever said no?).  Not to mention did Joseph have a choice in the matter or did Mary inform him of the impending birth?  Perhaps none of this matters, but as a new parent, I am amazed at the many thoughts and feelings (both positive and negative) one has with a mortal child, but, I could not imagine the feelings of inadequacy or sheer terror (as well as immeasurable joy I am sure) the parents of the Savior must have felt.  Every time He fell down learning to walk or was sick you would feel horrible and very worried.  You would always be second guessing yourself, etc.  Perhaps they had a special comforter with them to help, but, that must have been one nervewracking parental experience – as well as a wonderful experience.