I was looking over the Bloggernacle page at Wikipedia and in the process couldn’t help but notice and compare some linked Wikipedia pages for other religious blogging communities.

For one thing, the wikipedia page for St. Blog’s Parish (the Catholic blogging community) appears to be down – or maybe it never existed.

However, I was intrigued to look at the J-Blogosphere page (for the Jewish blogging community) and some of the things that were on it. The people involved with putting this page together have done some impressive things. I think we can learn something from the comparison (between it and the Bloggernacle page) as well as some of the activities that are described. For example, the JIBs (Jewish-Israel Blog awards) and CampusJ looked like interesting ideas.

It may also be of interest to compare the Wikipedia template pages for Judaism, Islam and Latter-day Saints. These template pages are designed to create boxed sidebar links for many related subjects under a larger category.  The sidebar box can then be added to any related page.

Perhaps as a blogging community we can do some things to help add to and improve LDS-related pages at Wikipedia.