I am the visiting teaching superviser in our ward, which is a paregoric calling.  Today, I have set up interviews with the presidency.  We scheduled them for every 20 minutes for a three hour period today and Thursday.  I’m setting out small snacks and we had this genius of crafts make the cutest magnets to give the ladies.  It has this poem on it:

 They might not need me, yet they might.

I’ll let my heart be just in sight.

A smile so small as mine might be

     precisely their necessity!

-Emily Dickinson

They are also getting phone books and a ribbon wrapped sheet of paper with ten ways NOT to visit teach (the first reads “have no contact at all.  this is the most convenient way to visit teach” -plagarized from Debra Oaks)

We will ask each one to give an accounting of their stewardship, pat them on the back for their efforts and listen to their problems.  This is why our numbers are in the 80’s.  The mens numbers are in the teens.  Guys, doilies are not all as foo-foo as you might think.