One of the questions I have struggled with recently is the need for every member to be home taught.  In our ward has something like 400 families and only the 100 or so active families are even assigned hometeachers leaving the remainder to be contacted by the missionaries or, worse, never contacted.  I think that this makes sense as one cannot give every companionship 35 persons to hometeach as that is a recipe for disaster. 

My struggle is this – my wife and I don’t feel like we want hometeachers at this point in our lives (other times I am sure we will want/need them), as we feel like we are so busy with Church (including doing our home and visiting teaching), work and family that having one Sunday night each month freed up by not having a hometeacher over is a little bonus.  To be fair we have been hometaught 5 times in 10 years so we don’t exactly see them very often.  We feel like we have a great group of friends both inside and outside our ward whom we would call on in some type of emergency, negating the need for a hometeacher.  I guess this is primarily due to the fact that we view our hometeacher as someone to turn to in times of need or for fellowshipping (Perhaps I am not understanding the true reason for receiving hometeachers?).  Our feeling is that since there are a lot of people in our ward who probably want/need hometeachers perhaps they should take our spot, particularly given the large number of families not visited.  I realize that hometeaching is for the benefit of the teachee as well as the teacher, but, if as a teachee, I don’t feel like I am benefiting, then it makes sense to let others have the benefits (perhaps I need to find ways to get some good from the experience?).  I have talked to others who feel similarly – if the Church let the 10-15 active families/ward who don’t want/need hometeachers be exempt that would provide a lot of new home teaching capacity for less actives and others.