Some years ago I had an interesting spiritual experience. My wife and I were living in married housing at the University of Utah. I came home from work one day and had a strong impression that I should kneel down and pray fervently.

I often feel (and too often ignore) a feeling that I should pray but this time I responded to that feeling. I was alone in our apartment at the time and so I knelt down and prayed. I didn’t feel that I was supposed to pray about any specific thing. I just felt that I was supposed to reach out to Heavenly Father and speak to Him from my heart. I did so and after awhile I finished praying and stood up. I didn’t have any specific revelation during that process – except for a feeling that I had done what I was supposed to do. For the rest of the evening I also felt that the Spirit was with me more than is typically the case. If I recall correctly, I was better able to ignore my natural instinct to turn on the television.

Later that same evening, two different neighbors called with individual requests to come over and help them bless people in their families who were sick. The second call came an hour or two after midnight and involved a sick child. After the second phone call came and I was able to help out with a second blessing, I went home with a better understanding of why it was important to be prayerful on that particular afternoon.

This was a significant experience to me personally because it testified to me of the Lord’s foreknowledge and also of His interest and concern regarding the details of the seemingly mundane lives of people in this small student community. It also showed me how simple spiritual communication can be. Really, I had little more than a feeling of what to do and only afterwards did I know the reason why.