Amano Chocolate

If you adore chocolate or know a chocolate fanatic, prepare to feel the love.

For those who don’t already know, Clark Goble (our friend who blogs at Mormon Metaphysics, the Bloggernacle Times and Millennial Star) is a partner in a rather exciting business project designed to make the very best chocolate possible. The business is called Amano Chocolate. Clark and Art Pollard (his partner) are now mass-producing (but in small batches) two types of decadently rich high-cacao content (at least 70%) chocolate bars. One type is labeled as “Madagascar” and the other as “Ocumare.”

Just to tell you about my own experience, after first reading the website’s info some months ago, I’ve been wanting to sample these chocolates for quite awhile. I was really looking forward to it. Two days ago a box came in the mail with both Madagascar and Ocumare bars in it. I was impressed with the presentation. Both types of bars were packaged elegantly in black boxes with gold print on the box. Inside the box, the bars are wrapped in gold-colored foil. Each chocolate bar is divided into 5×3 bite-size squares and each square of chocolate has the imprinted words “Amano” and “Artisan Chocolate.”

The taste of the chocolate is really incredible. Both the Madagascar and Ocumare bars offers a distinct deeply satisfying, rich, nuanced, taste experience. You may want to note that the Amano Chocolate website provides a tasting guide. The first time I read this guide, I wondered if it was a little bit exaggerated or overstated. After tasting the chocolate, I know that it is not. It really is worthwhile to follow the suggestions that are provided so that you can fully enjoy the experience of eating this chocolate. You will not be disappointed.

Perhaps it should be said that this is not at all what you would typically expect from an American chocolate company. These chocolates provide just as rich and satisfying an experience as eating the very finest European chocolate. The website’s history and FAQ pages can tell you quite a bit about the level of attention and detail that has gone into perfecting the chocolate-making process.

From time to time I’ve pestered Clark, asking him how quickly these chocolates will be available. I am happy to report to you that the website is now live and the chocolate can be purchased.

Just a note – don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you’re planning to buy chocolates for a special someone, this would be the perfect product for this purpose.