Have you seen the video of the two jokers who planted LED art all over Boston? It’s very, very funny. The authorities treated it as a genuine threat. I don’t think that the authorities can do anything very different from what they’ve done. They’ve got to have a uniform way of handling these kinds of things, because there really are lives at stake. Sure, they look a little silly, but when dealing with potential threats involving things in public places that might be explosives, one must be wrong a lot in order to be right at all.

The real idiots in this scenario is the press. These two guys come out of jail, and they obviously can’t discuss the charges against them. Then they meet the press, and what does the press ask them? About the charges. The guys make it painfully obvious that they’re not going to discuss the charges, and the press continues to ask about what? About the charges. And many of the questioners in the press become pretty peeved. Why? Because the guys won’t answer questions about the charges. As far as I’m concerned, they deserved to be made fun of.

The LED art? That was a bonehead move. Mocking, ridiculing, and making fun of the press like that? That warrants an executive pardon.