I watched some of the Super Bowl. With my children, ages 3 and 1. I was offended and turned it off and listened to their horribly annoying kiddie CD. It was an improvement. It isn’t that I don’t like football. As far as football is concerned I can take it or leave it. It wasn’t the crazy beer ads that turned me off either. It was the ads for the CBS shows. It seemed that every one of them featured gruesome dead bodies, explosions, guns being fired, or people getting stabbed with big menacing knives. Many of the show titles were rendered in what appeared to be splattered blood.

I don’t watch any CBS shows so I was a bit unaware I guess, but I found the violence and imagery of the ads offensive. I for one feel that an instant of Janet Jackson’s accidentally exposed breast is considerably less harmful and less deserving of outrage than what CBS carefully planned to put on over and over.

I’ll add that I found the entire Janet Jackson halftime to be raunchy and offensive, and the overall content was more worthy of scorn than the incident at the end.