Or stick to singing. I am annoyed by all celebrities’  strident harsh preaching to the masses who pay for their mansions. But Barbra Streisand gets on my nerves more than most. I don’t know why Sean Penn or Susan Sarandon assume that it is their civic duty to teach us right from wrong. They are wonderful actors, not so great as activists.

I’m not stupid, I can think for myself. And I think a God given talent for entertainment does not equal moral or reasoning superiority. 

And here we go with Barbra gleefully championing Hilary Clinton and skewering George Bush. I’m perturbed.

Jerry Falwell has nothing on her when it comes to self-righteousness.

I know it doesn’t make sense to be annoyed with celebrities speaking out. They are Americans just like me. But you know, I don’t hear Barbara listening to my opinion. I don’t hear her even caring if I have an opinion. I hear her thinking I’m too dumb to get anything right except my purchase of her CD’s.