More news on the science front: The headline “NASA Love Triangle” does sound like something from The Onion, but it really happened.

It’s a tail as old as time: An astronaut gets jealous of her fellow-astronaut and lover, and she tries to kidnap and murder her rival. In this latest case, Lisa Nowak is the jilted lover, and Bill Oefelein is the no-good, cheating louse. If you don’t know anything about it, you can read all the juicy details at the Wikipedia article on Lisa Nowak.

Trying to keep busy while I anxiously wait for NOW to come forward and defend Lisa Nowak’s right to chose, I’ve been wondering how many major networks are going to make made-for-TV movies out of this story. I can see it now, “To the Moon and Back: One Astronaut’s Ascent to Lunacy.”

So let’s start casting. If I were to make such a movie, my top choices to play Lisa Nowak would be Meredith Baxter, Linda Blair, or Valerie Harper. Clive Owen is the obvious choice for Bill Oefelein.

Who would you cast?