I have been apalled (not necessarily surprised, however), by the recent vitriolic attacks on Romney – not because of any of his crazy political views, but because of his religion.  I saw on the Tuesday morning news that he was giving a speech in Florida and someone stood up and yelled something like you won’t be a good President because you are a Mormon and not a Christian.  If something like that happened to Joe Lieberman (for being Jewish) or Barak Obama (for being African) the media would be up in arms, but in this case the local news portrayed it, but not the national news.  Last week I heard a radio show (On Point) on NPR on Romney’s religion.  A number of anti and ex-Mormons called in to complain about the Church although most of them sounded like raving lunatics.  Some of the things they said were very inflammatory, however, the host did a nice job of being neutral although he did sound surprised at some of the comments.  In addition, the number of polls where people have been asked if they would vote for a Mormon is ridiculous – that is like asking someone if they would vote for a Jew.  It means nothing – ask them if they would vote for a person and see the responses.

I have not previously been eager to vote for Romney, but all of this bigotry is pissing me off (sorry don’t know if that word is appropriate in the ‘nacle, but it fits here) to the point that I would eagerly vote for him just to spite all of the prejudice persons out there.  I am not surprised so many Americans are bigots (including Mormons and myself to some degree) toward various groups – this is and has always, unfortunately, been a part of human history.  What surprises me is the open hostility and bigotry seen toward Mormons – something not seen in this country since the 1960s.  I know this issue have received a lot of play in the ‘nacle, but I am mad.  Am I missing something in my evaluation of the bigotry???  Anyone else pissed off?

I figure it would be justice if Romney actually won the Presidency (even if I don’t agree with a lot of his positions).  Thanks for reading – I feel much better now  :)