JDC over at BCC has written some interesting thoughts on teaching Sunday School using non-KJV translation of the bible.  I am assuming that he has an assortment of translations available and intends to use whichever one happens to cast additional light on a particular passage.

I have been thinking about a similar topic for a few weeks now without doing anything about it.  In our efforts to read the New Testament this year as a couple my wife and I are looking for a way to do it without falling asleep.  I’ve been thinking that perhaps reading a different translation might be interesting.  Given that we’ve been reading exclusively from the KJV (well, in English at least) for our entire lives, we have no idea what a good alternative might be.  The point isn’t to abandon the KJV, but to get to the meaning a bit easier, to spice things up by seeing familiar passages rendered differently, and as I said, to stay awake more easily.

So I turn to you, MM readers.  What translations should we consider for the NT and why?