We’re proud to announce an exciting new addition to our perma-blogger roster: Tagore. Tagore may well be the most educated blogger in the ‘nacle — and that’s saying something. Not only is he a practicing lawyer who specializes in family law, adoption law, and child law, but he’s got two Masters degrees: one in international development and another in education.

By joining our ranks of fantastically-well-educated bloggers and thereby adding to our imposing list of impressive credential-holding experts who aggressively eschew credential-touting and expert-speak, Tagore adds even more credibility to Mormon Mentality’s well-known credential-scorning outlook (i.e., it ain’t sour grapes).

Tagore has travelled extensively throughout the world. He’s got a terrific sense of humor, an incisive wit, and an extraordinary ability to provide uncommon insight into commonplace events. And what’s more, he’s completely new to the bloggernacle — not a single comment or post to his name.

We’re thrilled to have him on board. Everybody please join us in welcoming Tagore.