On 23 March 2004, Grasshopper suggested the name “Bloggernacle Choir” for the LDS blogging community. Many seemed to like that suggestion and Bloggernacle seems to have stuck, for better or worse, one way or another. So it’s been three years since the community gave itself a name. A lot has happened since then.

This post’s comments can be an open-thread if you like. Commenters are especially invited to provide links to their favorite posts, favorite post series, favorite comments, things that made you laugh out loud, things that particularly touched your heart, good memories of meeting up with fellow LDS bloggers, something specific you learned that you hadn’t heard or read anywhere else, etc.

If there are other pertinent thoughts or comments people want to make relating to the nature of the LDS blogging community, go ahead. There are a lot of things that can be said. However, I would be grateful if commenters would actively avoid allowing the comments to descend into any kind of acrimony or major arguments.

Happy Bloggernacle Day!