“The Nativity Story,” which my ward watched on Friday, made me squeal with glee. Not so much for the story, though I was moved at the end. There were some things I would have done differently but it was worth seeing at least once.

No, what made me squeal was a name which leapt off of the screen and fixed my eye on the credits with new zeal.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Bashir (of “Star Trek: DS9″ fame) played the Angel Gabriel.

I have never been a special fan of Alexander Siddig (or Siddig El Fadil as I first knew him) but seeing his name there made me feel like I’d seen an old friend again. He was a “Star Trek” actor and I love them all just because they were such a part of my youth. It was especially nice to see him in this particular kind of movie; it was life-affirming, full of faith, goodness and other such things that are sadly few and far between in movies these days. I know Mr. Siddig is an actor and that his appearance in the movie doesn’t mean that he himself particularly cares about any of those things but all the same it warmed my heart to see an old “friend” doing something that had so much meaning for me. (Even if I didn’t realize it until he was done and I was left saying “No, wait, that was him? And I missed it?? Rats!”)

I wish all such surprises could be so pleasant. “September Dawn,” will feature a cameo by another beloved (if slightly imaginary) companion of my youth. Dean Cain was Clark Kent in “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” I’ve never been the lusting type but I sure drooled over him! Despite the silliness of “Lois and Clark”I would take Mr. Cain’s very human (and very decent) Clark Kent over the “I can procreate with humans but not actually relate with them in a meaningful way” of “Superman Returns” any day.

When I saw that Dean Cain was to play the part of Joseph Smith in “September Dawn,” I wept inside. (Aside from the stupidity of having black-haired, dark-eyed Cain playing blond-haired, blue-eyed Smith.) How could he? Again, I know he’s an actor and it’s probably just another role and a paycheck to him but still I feel betrayed. No, Clark. Say it ain’t so.