NPR recently highlighted a new online encyclopedia called “Conservapedia.” The linked page compares article differences between Wikipedia and Conservapedia, as well as lays out the rationale for creating Convervapedia –

“Polls show that about twice as many Americans identify themselves as “conservative” compared with “liberal”, and that ratio has been increasing for two decades. But on Wikipedia, about three times as many editors identify themselves as “liberal” compared with “conservative”. That suggests Wikipedia is six times more liberal than the American public.”

Therefore, Conservapedia is an attempt to show the “truth” of the world around us. Browsing through articles demonstrates that Conservapedia shows a bias to creationism, born again christianity, and the Republican party. Here is an example – on homosexuality it begins:

“Homosexuality is a sexual attraction or activity between members of the same sex. It is condemned by the Bible as explained below. Biblical Views on Homosexuality
Homosexuality is referred to four times in the Bible; it is not a topic mentioned by Jesus in the four gospels, and the only reference in the New Testament is in the letters of Paul. Many people have reported leaving homosexuality and becoming heterosexual through their Christian faith.”

It continues with the same extremely biased view of homosexuals. My concern with Conservapedia is this – an Encyclopedia is supposed to be as nonbiased and accurate as possible and have no political agenda. I would guess the reason that more liberals contribute to Wikipedia is that most academics are liberal; and academic types are the ones who are qualified; and can and do write encyclopedia articles. I have never noticed bias in Wikipedia for the most part (of course maybe I don’t notice the bias due to my own left leaning tendencies) – is it always accurate? No, but it is surprisingly accurate and unbiased for an online site that is created by a community of users. With sites like Conservapedia, those who read it are going to be incorrectly informed and believe that it is true for it is in an encyclopedia (for we all know that whatever is in a book, be it online or paper, is truth) and causing a further divide between the conservative Christians and the rest of the country (or the coasts versus the interior of the country).