I think Don Imus is totally hot. I love to listen to him slur out something pointed and profound and funny. I don’t listen to his show, I’m not that big a fan and I don’t even know what show he’s on. I see him on Larry King once in awhile, that kind of stuff and I have liked what he says. I haven’t always agreed, but I like his unflinching honesty.

I listened to a brief clip of what he said about the Rutgers team (I know absolutely nothing about women’s basketball) and at first it sounded kind of flattering — not the comments, but the tone. It sounded to me like he wasn’t saying “nappy headed ho’s” but tough, good players. But the more I think about it (and believe me, Al Sharpton doesn’t influence me in the least, I think what he was saying is that they looked like gang-bangers or prisoners or scary women.

He says he was trying to be funny in his comment and that may be true, us comedians do fall flat at times. But I think now it was a mean insulting comment. I don’t know how racist he is, so I can’t comment on that.

The other thing I think is that I’m sort of sick of celebrities saying “I’m not really like that.” I defended Mel Gibson because I couldn’t believe he was like that, but now I’m not so sure.

I saw Imus on the Larry King show with his wife and he was so mean and rude to her I felt sorry for her. So I think maybe he’s a mean and rude person who can be unflinchingly honest and funny in his pointed comments and one does not justify the other.

I don’t think he should be fired, though. If I were Al Sharpton, I would say, “he has the right to think and say what he wants. That’s the beauty of America. To the listeners out there, you also live in a free country and have the right to refuse to watch or listen to this person. Let’s boycott him out of business.” That’s the American way.

One other thing: this ranch for kids he touts — I think it’s a con. I think he bought a ranch and thought, “how can I pay for this?” Make it a ranch where kids come once in awhile, have fund raisers, and make it tax deductible.

He’s hot, he’s interesting to listen to, but I won’t be listening any more. (If you feel like vomiting, let me get you to the toilet really fast, I also think Willie Nelson is hot).