Saturday night, my husband and I attended Easter Vigil at his church.  It was very beautiful and enjoyable.  Rebecca over at FMH has posted eloquently on this already.  After the candles and the singing they held mass.  About mid-way through, I noticed that he looked very uncomfortable.  I asked if he wanted to go but he shook his head.

Later he told me that he’d been experiencing a feeling similar to one of his allergic reactions, except that he hadn’t eaten anything that would cause it.  He said that he wondered if perhaps it was Satan trying to keep him from taking the Eucharist and renewing his covenants.  I firmly told him no.  I didn’t believe that Satan would be able to influence our bodies.  He can tempt us but he can’t make us ill.


Except I’d promised myself I’d go get my Endowments this month and the ear infection I got last week threw a spanner into my plans.   It’s a small thing.  People get infections all the time.  However, with our schedule this month, that small thing may have been just enough.

So now I’m wondering.