I’m reading a book about Mitt Romney,  A Mormon in the White House, by Hugh Hewitt.     Mr. Hewitt is a non-Mormon who likes us :).  I’m barely into it, you guys, I’m running a million miles an hour these days and I have so little time for blogging.

 But I’ve read something that struck me: Brother Romney was married first in a nice civil wedding so that his wife’s family could see them be married, then they flew to Salt Lake and were sealed in the temple the next day.  I think it was in 1978.

 I recall us talking about it somewhere on the blog and the general understanding was that the church had discontinued this policy. 

 So I called Church headquarters and after being re-directed to the Office of the First Presidency, presented this question.  The secretary (rather coldly, I thought) told me I should call my stake president or bishop and ask them this question.  I called my bishop and he said he didn’t think there was anything prohibiting this practice in the handbook, but that he would check and get back to me.

 I will report back to you, but in the meantime, is anyone aware of the policy?  Has anyone experienced this first hand?

I think it’s awesome if couples can do this and I hope it’s allowed.  I don’t think it detracts in any way from the sacredness of the temple ceremony.  Plus I think it will do much more good than harm in terms of good will.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.