The Deseret News is reporting that Vice President Cheney will be given an honorary degree at BYU’s commencement. My concern, which I’ve expressed on other blogs isn’t that he is being given a platform to speak. It is that he is being honored both by being a commencement speaker and through being given this degree. Imagine the uproar in Utah County if UVSC had given Micheal Moore an honorary degree rather than simply inviting him to speak.

I’m happy that the students of BYU will have the opportunity to hear the Vice President speak, but I’m baffled that a Church affiliated institution would honor a figure such as this right now. I hope students also take the opportunity to hear those that will speak at the BYU Alternative Commencement. That said, I would guess that it won’t be well attended both because of the fact that graduation is a very busy day and because it won’t appeal to the average Cougar. I hope I’m wrong.