Google has introduced a new feature called “Google Hot Trends.” This feature is interesting for a few reasons. It combines previous services Zeitgeist and Trends. Instead of showing what the most popular searches are, it shows the 100 search topics that have shown the greatest recent spike in interest. So far Google Hot Trends is only measuring searches in the United States. It should also be noted that some searches are screened out – specifically, those searches that have to do with sex and pornography.

What interested me was that when I went to check out Google Hot Trends this afternoon, the #1 search term listed was, which happens to be a Provo, Utah based for-profit genealogy company. No doubt the sudden spike in interest on this site has to do with the fact that today made an online release of 90 million military records to the public.

Below is a picture of part of the list – admittedly, many of the appearing entries are downright strange.

Google Hot Trends Screenshot