I’m a little bit curious about family home evening in practice. This is intended to be an open thread – though I’ve written up a number of questions to stimulate thought and invite response. Feel free to answer any of them or to add some questions/thoughts of your own in the comments. If there’s any purpose to these questions, it’s to invite candid response or practical/constructive advice on the subject.

  1. What is the nature of your “family”? Are you a single person, a couple without children, a couple with children? How does your family type influence (if at all) the manner in which you approach family home evening?
  2. Do you have family home evening on a regular basis? Always? Usually? Occasionally? Rarely? Never?
  3. If you have family home evenings on a consistent basis, what makes it happen? Is there someone in your family who demonstrates particular initiative or is it more of a group effort?
  4. If you rarely or never have family home evening – is it a conscious decision or does it just sort of happen that way? What obstacles make it most difficult to hold family home evening? Do you like having family home evening or is it a hassle?
  5. Do you always have family home evening on Monday night? Do you ever have family home evening on another night?
  6. What do you do during family home evening? How structured is it? Do you lean towards spiritual lessons or fun activities? Both?
  7. Do you use a family home evening manual of any kind?
  8. Who “presides” at family home evening? Are different family members assigned to be in charge of different parts of family home evening or do family members tend to have the same roles from week to week?
  9. If you grew up in the Church – is the family home evening you experienced as you grew up different than the family home evening you have today? How much do your experiences of the past influence the way you do family home evening now?