Comic books and the Gospel. Interesting mix, eh?

I just couldn’t let this go unanswered. “True redemption demands that you seek forgiveness for your past misdeeds. That you atone for the actions that caused the Twelve Gods to turn away from you.” This much is good. However, “Redemption is a rare and special thing, after all. It is not for everyone,” is not good.

Redemption may be a rare and special thing but it is for everyone! It is for them in the sense that it can suit everyone; it is for them in the sense that even the possibility of redemption is a precious gift, given to all by a Father and Brother who love each and every one of us. Our quirks don’t matter. Our failures don’t matter. We are loved! Not everyone chooses to earn redemption in this life but I assure you, it is for every single one of us.