My wife and I were married for 10 years before our first child was born – he is now 19 months old. We waited because we wanted the time to be right in our lives to have kids as we were both going to graduate school and then both working in intense jobs. Therefore, we felt that when we have a child or children, we want to be in a position where we can parent and provide for all of the emotional and material needs of the child. (NOTE ADDED: This is to give you perspective on why we waited so long before having a child, NOT an attack on any other way or choices that are made)

While not a typical LDS decision, it has worked for us. I thought I would like being a parent and find it enjoyable most of the time (similar to my parents), but boy, was I ever wrong. I am now 19 months into it and I love every minute of it. I am just so gaga over this little boy as is my wife. We still race each other in the mornings when we hear him awaken to see who can pick him up from the crib. We can’t wait to see him when we get home from work each day. He is truly the center of our universe. I think that having him has been one of the most rewarding, wonderful, (occassionally challenging due to sleep deprivation) experiences of my life – of course I may have a different opinion when he is 15. I guess I should not be surprised how much fun I am having with parenting as we have had wonderful experiences with friends kids, youths at church, etc., where we have developed strong bonds. While I recognize not all of us can be parents in this life for a variety of reasons, we can certainly share in the joy of parenting via our nieces/nephews, kids at church, friends kids, etc if we will engage with them. As Sherri Dew says “there are many types of mothers (and I would add, fathers).” I hope Fathers of all stripes, colors, shapes, and sizes had a great Father’s Day and are enjoying Fatherhood as much as I am.