Usually bloggernacle blogs do not link to anti-mormon websites.  But I came across one today that is so weird that I have to link to it.  If your faith is weak, don’t click for more…

Book of Mormon Christians won’t tell you who they are, but claim to be people that believe in the Book of Mormon but not in Mormonism.  They make an interesting mix of accurate and inaccurate claims.  One of the accurate claims is that much of what is considered uniquely Mormon doctrine is not found in the Book of Mormon at all.  Most people who’ve read the Book of Mormon could tell you that.  What the site doesn’t bother to mention is that most of the “weird” Mormon practices have their basis in the Bible.

Their basic claim seems to be that Joseph Smith Jr. went beyond his mandate when he formed a church after translating the Book of Mormon.  They contend that he should have just stopped there, ignoring any further revelations he received implying that he was a fallen prophet very early in his career.

They also imply that the LDS Church is doing damage to the Book of Mormon by keeping exclusive control of it.  This is blatantly false.  The copyright expired long ago.  Anybody that wants to can print a Book of Mormon.  Other Christian denominations could use it if they cared to.  The authors of the site imply that it should be used, but if you read carefully they mostly say that it should be used to convert disaffect Mormons to their particular denomination rather than for general Christian consumption.  Given that the authors don’t identify themselves we can’t go to their churches to see if they do preach out of the Book of Mormon.  Too bad.

The whole site is a particularly devious way of presenting only the evidence that supports their point of view and ignoring anything else.  I suspect that some will be led astray by this sort of “friendly” attack.