This evening I went to a stake priesthood meeting. The first speaker’s purpose was to announce and explain a new website:

As I understand it (if I heard correctly) this is not a site that is owned or run by the stake – yet the stake leadership allowed a speaker in a church meeting to actively encourage members to participate.

The website states it’s purpose in the following way:

if you’re going to hire someone to do something anyway, why not hire a latter-day saint from the new york, new york stake? … by hiring a saint, you aid in the temporal and spiritual welfare of your brothers and sisters in the stake and increase unity with other stake members.

Just recently I wrote a post about a nascent blogging community that seems to be springing up in my ward.

The announcement of this site seems to further indicate the possibility that local stake and ward communities/initiatives may eventually be mirrored to some degree in the online world. It also interests me to see that stake and ward leaders can actively encourage some of this online development without taking on official responsibility for the websites that are involved.

One additional note: although it’s possible to locate the site now, the official starting date for the site is supposed to be July 24th.