A family member forwarded me an article about David Isaac Haws, a West Virginia University student.  He was awarded a college scholarship.  He completed one year of college with a 4.0 GPA with the plan of then serving a mission and returning to school.  He requested a deferment of his scholarship during his mission.  The scholarship board exercised its discretion and refused his request.  I’m not sure if his constitutional rights were violated or not, but I’m also pleased that the ACLU is supporting his right to exercise his religion.  I think most LDS would be shocked to see the organization suing on behalf of a Mormon.

I’m a bit shocked that the scholarship board would be so stubborn about this.  I’m under the impression that most universities are very accommodating when it comes to missions.  As the person that forwarded this to me said, “Even godless Cornell held my scholarship without even thinking about it.”

Anyone want to take a bet on whether West Virginia University would hold a scholarship for a football player?