I got my eyeballs fixed exactly one week ago, and it’s utterly astonishing to be able to see perfectly without corrective lenses. I’ve turned out being much happier about the results than I thought I’d be.

It’s going to be weeks before I grow accustomed to being able to see without the contacts or glasses that I’ve needed since I was 16. In fact, it felt pretty weird to throw away my glasses, because I still think of them as useful to me.

Other bloggernacle participants who have had their eyeballs fixed by lasers include:

For those interested in the details: I went to a Boston-area doctor who’s been performing refractive surgery since 1994 and has done thousands of LASIK procudures. He used a laser microkeratome (IntraLase) to cut the flap and a wavefront-guided laser to vaporize the corneal stroma tissue. The entire procedure took less than 25 minutes. I now have 20/20 vision, and my eyesight (including my night vision) is clearer now than it ever was with contacts.

There’s a great article on LASIK surgery and the options available at David Brosnahan’s Brain Bender blog.