The Deseret News has an article today on a DVD sold to Christian youth ministers in Utah aimed at helping kids interact in a positive way with their LDS friends, school mates, and neighbors.  The article is a bit ambiguous as the whether the DVD is anti-Mormon or not.  At one point in the article a minister asks a question that many LDS would find offensive:

The Rev. Johnson asked “Josh” whether he thinks he’s taking a large step in looking to become a Latter-day Saint — whether he sees it as a lateral move within the Christian tradition, like moving from Calvary Chapel to Trinity Baptist, or whether he sees it as more dramatic, like leaving Christianity to join Islam.

While I think the question has some merit, it certainly is loaded and could be handled with more tact.  The rest of the article is much more moderate and lets some of those that participated in the production of the DVD tell their stories.

Oddly, it isn’t even clear if the author of the article has seen the video, which I would think would be a pre-requisite for writing about it.

But concerns about the quality of the article and whether the DVD is anti-Mormon or not aside, I think the stated purpose of this project is a good idea.  Anybody that grows up in Utah is very aware that there is a real divide between LDS and non-LDS kids.  I’m glad someone is making an effort to bridge that gap.  What would be even more impressive to me would be a cross-faith effort with LDS leaders to produce materials for kids of all faiths to encourage them to be able to put aside their religious differences and be friends.  I wonder if the producers of this DVD considered such and effort, and I also wonder how well such an idea would go over with LDS leadership.