Here is a page in the Church’s FHE manual that discusses container gardening:

Many people who live in apartment buildings or houses with little or no yard space may think they cannot follow the prophet’s counsel to plant a garden. But you can grow quite a bit of food in pots and hanging planters inside your home or on a balcony. This activity will help you get started gardening in containers. Even if your family has plenty of outdoor garden space, you might want to try growing some of your vegetables indoors.

My wife and I recently moved into a house on 2 acres, and while we plot and scheme the vast garden we intend to grow in our yard next season, we decided to try container gardening on our deck. We bought a hanging tomato grower as seen here, and planted 4 varieties of tomato plants, as well as basil, thyme and bay on top.

So this is what container gardening looks like for us.  The first picture is from when we first planted, around June 20. The second was taken Saturday morning, August 4.  The best part is, we can bring these plants indoors during the winter and grow year-round.  This is my first experience with gardening, and I love tending to this thing every day, though admittedly this is a much easier arrangement than a larger, in-ground garden with more pests and soil pathogens.

Now, to learn composting…

Tomato planter, Day 1
Tomato Planter at 7 weeks