This conversation was heard during that lull in Relief Society when they announce there’s fifteen minutes (FIFTEEN MINUTES????) for testimony bearing.

Sister 1: “Get up , I already did during sacrament meeting.”
Sister 2: “no.”
Sister 1: “Just bear your testimony about the church.”
Sister 2: “I don’t have a testimony anymore.”
All sisters: “Titter, titter, snicker. . .”
Sister 1: “Well, just get up and talk about visiting teaching, tell them they did a good job this month.”
Sister 2: “I hate visiting teaching now.”
Louder snickers.
Sister 2: “Are you uncomfortable with the silence?”
Sister 1: “Yes!”
Sister 2: “I’m not. Do you want to borrow my Tetris game?”
I’m sister 2, of course. I just didn’t feel like it. It’s all true, except I didn’t take my Tetris game out of my purse.