Like all men, I have used many public restrooms over the years (even those at Church). In doing so, I have found four particular behaviors most bothersome to me. However, I would guess that these behaviors are predominant in men’s restrooms, but probably not as dominant in women’s (of course, I have no data for this).

1. No Flushing – while some people are so proud of what they have produced in the toilet, I really don’t want the pleasure of viewing it. Please take a picture with your cellphone camera and then flush!
2. No Hand Washing – while you may feel that you avoided touching anything that was dirty in the bathroom when you stood at the automatic urinal, I think you touched something dirty so please wash your hands. I dont want to be touching anything you have touched and be one degree of separation away from what you just touched. Note, if this is at your workplace or, worse your ward, be extra sure to wash your hands. I cringe watching brethren come out of the bathroom and begin to shake the hands of their fellow ward members.
3. Yapping on the Cell Phone – maybe you think your conversation is so interesting that all should hear, I really don’t care about what the party was like last night. I try to be extra noisy in these cases to assist the caller on the receiving end to know that their “friend” is talking to them while sitting on the pot. It does cause the conversation to be expedited.
4. Other noises such as whistling and singing. At work there is one guy who whistles while he sits on the pot and another who sings and hums. They are oblivious to the fact that everyone knows what they do. To make matters worse, they whistle and sing as well as I do, which is a sad state of affairs. Keep the whistling and singing confined to the home bathroom.

Finally, I was so intrigued by this whole thing that I found a website dedicated to Bathroom Ethics It has some great suggestions. So guys, please try to improve on the Bathroom Etiquette, your fellow ward members will appreciate it.