Disclaimer: The title of this blog article is satirical. The Mormon Mentality blog courageously opposes any attempts by Mormons to slaughter innocent evangelicals.

Michael Medved comes to the defense of Mormons in his recent commentary on the movie September Dawn, which will be released later this week. In addition to articulately describing the film’s historical faults and sensationalism, he notes that the film prompts a “puzzling question”:

Why frame an indictment of violent religiosity by focusing on long-ago Mormon leaders rather than contemporary Muslims who perpetrate unspeakable brutalities every day?

Medved goes on to note the near total absence of cinematic portrayals of muslim terrorists. In light of this open-mindedness about Islam, it is indeed puzzling that this movie chooses Mormonism as the poster child for religious fanaticism. (This brings to mind Ann Coulter’s insightful comment to the effect that devotion to Islam is the only religious habit that liberals are comfortable with.)

Medved claims that this bizarre focus on Mormons is the result of cowardice:

In part, preference for Mormons over Muslims as targets of cinematic scorn stems from reasonable concerns for personal safety. Islamic communities have proved more than a mite touchy over media depictions of their faith: Consider the deadly worldwide riots over a dozen Danish cartoons, or the taking of more than 100 American hostages and bans in Muslim countries inspired by the respectful 1977 film Mohammad, Messenger of God (directed by a Syrian and financed in part by the Libyan government).

And Medved’s right about one thing: However outraged Mormons may be by this film, it isn’t likely to cause violence in the streets — or even lawsuits, for that matter. Even so, one wonders how many people will use the term “courageous” to describe September Dawn director Christopher Cain and star Jon Voight for “confronting” the issue of religious fanaticism.

Perhaps they’d respect us more if the Mountain Meadows Massacre hadn’t been such an isolated incident.