I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he brought up a great question. If (a very big IF) a Mormon is ever elected President of the US, how does he/she attend the Temple – or does he/she attend at all during their term(s)? While this is a personal question for most of us, I think that for the President of the US, their desire to attend the Temple may get superseded by other things.

The reasons they may not go could include: (1) Press would have a heyday with the President doing “secret ceremonies” in the Temple, (2) Logistics of security – do Secret Servicemen need Temple Recommends to go into the Temple with the President? Do they set up a metal detector and do a sweep of the Temple? Again press would have a heyday with an all Mormon Secret Servicemen taking over security for a period of time, (3) No time – it is not as if they would have a lot of time to go to the Temple as President unless they takes months off at a time as our current President does.

But then again there are some very important reasons why they might want to go to the Temple (1) Seek divine guidance, (2) Get away from the pressures and ponder spiritual things, (3) Just do Temple Work.

I think that they may not go during their term to avoid all of the hassle…

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