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Dispatch from the Gender Battlefront

Folks, it’s Colonel Tagore, reporting from the gender battlefront. There are some gender disparities in the Church that may not change anytime soon (e.g., women and the priesthood), but there are other battles well worth fighting. I come today with a success story. Read more »

Crime and No Punishment

A few years ago my wife bought a set of Mr. Potato Head parts for pumpkins. These are a nice alternative to the traditional jack-o-lantern because they involve no cutting, no innard scooping, and tend to preserve the pumpkin in a non-rotten state. After Halloween we pull the parts off the pumpkin, throw them in the dishwasher, and then put them away for next year.

Yesterday we came home to find that my son’s pirate pumpkin was gone. He is four years old and this is his first experience with crime. We thought it would be a good learning experience about stealing and sat him down to talk to him.

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In Which Annegb Writes a Small Book About Jamie Trwth

Well, he’s an interesting guy, what can I say? He joined the Church, started blogging at Latte Day Saints and changed his name online  to Jamie Trwth.

And he spells it wrong. That was my first question: “What’s the deal with the name?” Read more »

New Calling – Ward Nursery

This past Sunday my wife and I were released as Gospel Essentials teachers and sustained to a new calling – to work in the ward nursery. Read more »

Ghost stories

So, you’ve hunted down the latest eerie photograph of dead prisoners of war once held in Salt Lake City’s Fort Douglas. Read more »

Sidewalk Motes in my Eye, guest post by mfranti

Every day I walk Mr. Pink, the yellow dog, ’round the ‘hood, passing along perfectly manicured lawns and gorgeous flower beds up to the river for a little swim. As we walk along, I have to dodge downpours from sprinklers and sidestep miniature sidewalk motes. I wont deny that it feels good to get a little splash when it’s 100 plus degrees out but last time I checked, we didn’t get too much of a snow pack this year and we just came out of and could be heading into another drought.

Equally as frustrating as freely flowing water on sidewalks, is a brother or sister opening or closing a church meeting with a plea from the Lord to “bless us with moisture”. Read more »

The Sexual Orientation of Worms

nematode image

A University of Utah research study has determined that the sexual orientation of nematodes (millimeter long worms that live in soils around the globe) is a matter of genetics. A Salt Lake Tribune article reads: Read more »

Alienation of Affection / Adultery

I just read an article about a legal battle that I find rather interesting.

From the article: Read more »

Please don’t say the following things about Iraq

1.  We need to leave Iraq because thousands of innocent people are dying. Read more »

Liberal Mormon For Wal-Mart!

I am the founding and only member of Liberal Mormons For Wal-Mart (LMWM) – ok there is no LMWM, but I admit – I love Wal-Mart! I love the smiley face, I love the cheap prices, I want to be a greeter when I retire, and Sam Walton is my hero – any billionaire who still drives a beat up pickup to work everyday is awesome. In fact, I consider myself a Democratic leaning person and STILL I love Wal-Mart.

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“Choose Ye This Day”—Guest Post by mfranti

(mfranti graciously agreed to share this post with us):

I am fascinated by the idea that removing the bad things in life will somehow make better people. Like…. not selling alcohol in stores–only in approved state run locations; the prohibition of some adult novelties; or the desire for some groups to ban adult films in a certain Church member’s hotel chain. Good grief! When did being Mormon mean being mommy and daddy to the world? Read more »

The Lottery Of Spiritual Experiences

Last Friday, my wife and I had the most wonderful experience. We went to a meeting where Margaret Young and Darius Gray discussed their upcoming documentary “Nobody Knows: The Untold Story Of Black Mormons.” They talked about the documentary and showed a few clips from it. They then spoke about their experiences and thoughts regarding the ban on Priesthood. Darius, in particular, spoke poignantly about his experiences. I must admit it was one of the most touching and spiritual experiences my wife and I have had in a long time. In fact, it was one of those experiences wherein time stands still as you are engrossed in what you are hearing and feeling. Truly, Margaret and Darius have the Spirit of God with them and touched a roomful of people.

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On the Odd Interactive Nature of Online Polls

Online polls have an instant satisfaction quality that is superficially appealing. You select the answer that best matches your thoughts, click submit, and then see the results.

Or do you?

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A wildly speculative – yet entertaining – poll.

How many Heavenly Mothers are there?

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From the Archives: What God Wants, God Gets

Some time ago (Feb 2006), Stephen M (Ethesis) asked me to write a guest post for his blog. When he finally convinced me that he was serious (I am, after all, the most reviled participant in the bloggernacle), I came up with this. It was originally posted at Stephen’s blog. This is the one of the first blog articles that I wrote under my own name. It is reposted here for your enjoyment.

A good friend of mine is a bit older than me. His family is Sephardic, and he’s got binders full of family photos and letters written in the cyrillic alphabet. As he turns through them, he can tell you exactly who went to which death camp or concentration camp, whether they survived, and who got out of Europe altogether. A few years ago he was with his aunt at the Holocaust museum in Washington, DC, and she spotted her younger brother in one of the photos of death camp prisoners that was on display there. He was very young — if he were LDS, he might have been a deacon — but at an age that was older, at any rate, than she’d ever seen her little brother. He died there in the death camp. My friend is Jewish, of course, and it’s quite something to hear him describe it.
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Object Review: Pecking Hens

After having dismal luck with the fake Rubik’s cube (watch out they’re trying to sell them at Costco now) I have better news to report. While on vacation recently my wife and I purchased two devices that are much more pleasing.

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Portrait of a true-blue Romney Supporter

We’ve talked a lot about Mitt Romney on the blog — some think we should support him simply because he’s a Mormon (I vehemently disagree). The southern Baptists hate his guts (they hate all of ours — oh, that’s too extreme — most devout southern Baptists hate — and that’s not too strong a word — most Mormons); and many Americans are cautious about his religious beliefs. However, I’ve got a “Mitt believer” for you — my friend, Lois Vanderbur.

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On Mormon Contentment

note: the idea for this post came the other night as I was listening to The Who’s Baba O’Riley in the car on the way to the store to buy popsicles for my wife.

This recent article in the NYT (hat tip: T&S sidebar) discusses the research of moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt here at UVA, where he surveys five moral systems that are common to all cultures.

Dr. Haidt (pronounced height) began his research career by probing the emotion of disgust. Testing people’s reactions to situations like that of a hungry family that cooked and ate its pet dog after it had become roadkill, he explored the phenomenon of moral dumbfounding — when people feel strongly that something is wrong but cannot explain why. Read more »

“Long After Dark” New book by Todd Petersen

I found this book at the library and loved it.  So much that I had to buy a copy so I could mark it up.  Todd has written a book of short stories, with a novella, that doesn’t attempt to sugarcoat Mormon life, but is full of insight.

 What was really cool was that as I read, I recognized a couple of the stories from Popcorn Popping. Read more »

Big Al Wins The Nobel Peace Prize – Woohoo!

Al Gore was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize along with the UN Panel on Climate Change. I think this is well-deserved as he has made climate change a topic that even the Republican Party has begun to address and, hopefully, has begun to effectuate real change in our global consumption and behavior. However, I realize that some bloggers will think this is terrible or stupid or a gimmick or whatever, but as for me and my house we are happy for the Gore!

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