… and then there’s the Bloggernacle.

Every conference session that has come along since I joined the bloggernacle, I’ve seen people complain about the Relief Society speakers. Their talks are too soft and mushy. “Give us some meat!” people say. “Be more like the Priesthood session. Don’t be so cheerfully girly.”

It appears that Sister Beck has done just that. No cheerleading, no careful emotional grooming. Simple, straight-forward “This is what we should be doing.”

The response? Moaning, mocking and (apparent) rules lawyering.

It’s times like this that remind me that, however much my Primary class drives me up the wall, however burned out I feel and however much (and that’s very much) I’d like to just quit … I doubt it can hold a candle to how fed-up God must be with the rest of us.

He keeps going though. I suppose I can too.

(Note: This post isn’t a judgment on anyone. I’m just amused by the irony.)