I found this book at the library and loved it.  So much that I had to buy a copy so I could mark it up.  Todd has written a book of short stories, with a novella, that doesn’t attempt to sugarcoat Mormon life, but is full of insight.

 What was really cool was that as I read, I recognized a couple of the stories from Popcorn Popping.

 And guess what?  He lives here!  When I read the first one that was familiar, I wasn’t sure.  I thought, “Hmm…this sounds familiar.”  Then when I read the second one, I knew because I’d loved that story.

So I called him and attended a discussion he led of his book.  He reminds me of Brian Gibson, smart, but not as funny or friendly, also way more hairy.  Maybe he needs to age a little and lose some hair (no offense, Brian :)).

This is a worthy book, you guys.  Todd has a style all his own and I hope he succeeds on every level of the “biz” because we need more fiction writers like this in Mormondom.