After having dismal luck with the fake Rubik’s cube (watch out they’re trying to sell them at Costco now) I have better news to report. While on vacation recently my wife and I purchased two devices that are much more pleasing.

Somebody else's pecking hens.

Now I had never seen the pecking hens paddle before. In fact I have no idea what to call this thing other than a pecking hens paddle. But my wife has fond childhood memories of one so we purchased two for our children.

Though clearly hand made as a cheap (~$5 each) tourist trinket aimed at the guilty parent on vacation market the paddles each work smoothly and all hens peck. They do this because a ball attached to strings attached to each hen hangs below the paddle and caused the hens’ heads to bob up and down and you swing the ball in a small circle.

I was pleasantly surprised that our children found them as interesting as I do. Of course my fascination is mostly mechanical, while my daughter is currently obsessed with all things chicken, so perhaps we appreciate this toy on different levels.