(mfranti graciously agreed to share this post with us):

I am fascinated by the idea that removing the bad things in life will somehow make better people. Like…. not selling alcohol in stores–only in approved state run locations; the prohibition of some adult novelties; or the desire for some groups to ban adult films in a certain Church member’s hotel chain. Good grief! When did being Mormon mean being mommy and daddy to the world? I get it. We are a light unto the world, blah blah blah. –we, individuals, Christians are the light unto the world. Satan sought to take away our freedom to choose. His plan was to remove all of the bad stuff too, and was rejected by our Father in Heaven for a more appropriate plan– agency.

I can’t help but feel that some persons in this church have the idea that we have the truth so we have to force everyone else to live our truth as well.

When will we allow our brothers and sisters of the world to be big boys and girls and choose for themselves what actions and behaviors they deem appropriate for themselves and their families?

There are obvious exclusions for murder, incest etc. And of course, when personal freedoms infringe on the rights and liberties of others but those examples are the extreme and not what I am talking about.

I believe that vice serves a purpose and however trite this will sound, without it we cannot value virtues.

I believe many need to fall away from the Lord. I believe that is part of the great plan. Often, lives must be destroyed, only to to be built up again. Stronger and perhaps different. Different from what we expected.

Trying to invoke morality by prohibition isn’t the answer. There must be opposition in all things….and yet, we are trying to remove the opposition and in turn take away agency.

For the sake of all of our spiritual well being, choose YE this day for whom you will serve and let the next guy do likewise.